How to Setup Gmail IMAP Settings ?

IMAP is a well-known internet protocol that allows users to communicate with a variety of email providers, such as Gmail and Outlook. With the introduction of the IMAP server, it was assumed that older protocols such as POP3 and SMTP would become less popular. But why is that? This is because IMAP allows you to check the status of your emails and access many inboxes from a single server. The subject of this article is Gmail's IMAP settings. As a result, if you need a guide, you can read this blog and learn how to do it.


How to Activate IMAP in Gmail?


The procedures for activating IMAP in Gmail are described here. 

• It's simple to do:

• Open mail in a web browser

• Go to the Settings option in the top right corner

• Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP

• Next, under the IMAP access column, click Enable IMAP

• Leave the other settings alone

• Finally, click 'Save Changes'.


Gmail IMAP Settings for Incoming Mail


You'll need to set up IMAP if you want to get all of your incoming emails in one spot.




• Apply the following details to follow up on your Gmail messages on different devices:

• IMAP server address for Gmail:

• Gmail IMAP password: Gmail password

• Gmail IMAP username: Gmail address

• Gmail IMAP port: 993

• IMAP TLS/SSL required for Gmail: Yes


Gmail SMTP Settings for Outgoing Mail


If the clients are configuring the incoming server, an outbound server may be required to send Gmail messages. To accomplish so, use the following SMTP settings:


• SMTP server address for Gmail:

• SMTP username for Gmail: Gmail address

• SMTP password for Gmail: Gmail password

• TLS-encrypted SMTP port for Gmail: 587

• SMTP port for Gmail (SSL): 465

• TLS/SSL required for Gmail SMTP: Yes


Troubleshooting Tips


If you're having problems with your Gmail settings, examine the following reasons:


• The credentials in the username or password field are incorrect. If you've given the incorrect password. Create a new password by clicking on 'Forgot Password.'

• If the server information is incorrect, double-check the information provided above.

• When you enable two-factor authentication, you must create an app-specific password.

• However, if you don't have IMAP enabled in your Gmail settings, you won't be able to use it. Select Enable IMAP server settings from the Setting menu.

• The email client does not always support Google standards and is therefore considered insecure. As a result, you must upgrade to the most recent version.


Technical Support Team


Connect with the technical team if you are unsure about the Gmail IMAP settings. As a result, our email support specialists are skilled and can explain all of the processes to you in a non-technical manner so that you can understand them. You may also get the most recent updates for your Gmail and IMAP servers. Once you've explained your problem to them, they'll go over all of the factors that could be influencing the protocol's implementation with you. 


As a result, they will respond quickly with a viable answer. Furthermore, there is no time limit; you can contact them at any moment because they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week..